Clean Energy Institute

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The Clean Energy Institute at UC Irvine elevates and facilitates collaborations and industry connections for UCI's world class engineering and physical science research teams to discover and create needed clean energy technologies and solutions.

We're a platform for energy science and engineering, the advancement to real-world application of clean energy technologies, and public education in support of the breakthroughs required to enable a post-fossil fuel energy future.

Fundamental Science

Batteries | Solar Power | Electro-Fuels | Hydrogen | Electrolysis | Fuel Cells | H2 Combustion | Carbon Management | Cement/Steel Decarbonization

Applied Research

Smart Electric Grid | Gas Grid Transformation | Electro-Fuels | Hydrogen | Electrolysis | Solar Power | Wind Power | Fuel Cells | H2 Combustion | Carbon Management | Air Quality | Batteries | Cement/Steel Decarbonization | Electric Vehicles

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